Special Clients that have had positive changes in their health!

Dietary Pathways has helped me to be mindful about what I eat. This has helped me control my type 2 diabetes and also my weight. Thank You!

Jan, Arizona

At first I had no idea that the body was so connected. For years I have dealt with chronic pain. After working with Dietary Pathways, I no longer use medication to treat my pain, instead I nourish my body and have been able to find the underlying cause of my pain.

Michele, Arizona

Shona has helped me so much change my lifestyle. I have lost 34 pounds and feel great. I have more energy and don’t miss the junk I used to eat. Shona provides focused patient care and goes the extra mile. I would highly recommend her. Thank You!

Judy. F, California


My health issues started fourteen years ago when I developed ulcers and other digestive problems. After three years of discomfort I was finally diagnosed with H. pylori, a bacterial infection, and treated with a strong antibiotic. But my digestive system never fully recovered from the harsh treatment. I suffered from increasingly frequent intestinal attacks, which I attempted to control with Pepto-Bismol and other over-the-counter remedies. I tried to eat a nutritious diet and exercise, but my health deteriorated to the point where I needed to seek medical treatment. For years I went from doctor to doctor looking for a cure, but nobody was able to help me. They incorrectly diagnosed me with IBS, with hypothyroidism, and one even thought I had an eating disorder. I finally found hope after learning about the functional medicine approach and found Dietary Pathways. As Shona worked with me, it resonated with me, and I knew that if anyone could help me to feel better and change my life it would be her. Thank You,

Robert L, Arizona



I am a patient of Shona’s. She helped me change my life! My life has changed dramatically with her guidance and I couldn’t be happier. I’m 40lbs. lighter and feel terrific. The best thing that ever happened to me was finding Dietary Pathways.

Chuck, California


My Dad was first diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis back in 2013 and was treated by several gastrointestinal specialists over the years. The doctors’ treatments including a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs and some “hit or miss” food restrictions; none of which resolved his digestive and bowel disorders. Over time, almost any foods that Dad consumed caused some negative reaction…upset stomach, indigestion and heartburn and/or debilitating bowel irritations! After working with Shona at Dietary Pathways we were able to make major changes to his lifestyle to control his conditions. Functional medicine works!

Liz B, Arizona


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Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry

When your pantry is full of staples, you’ll find you won’t need to run to the store in the middle of cooking dinner to get a bottle of soy sauce. Plus it makes it easier to improvise a dinner on the fly when you don’t already have something planned. Ingredients like pasta, canned beans and canned fish can be the basis of spur-of-the-moment meals.

Eat What You Love

Eating well is not about deprivation—it’s about that good feeling you get when you eat something that is flavorful, wholesome and satisfying. No food should be off limits. Studies show that depriving yourself of the foods you love, especially in the name of dieting, may cause you to overeat later. Embrace a delicious and healthy way of eating that you can sustain for your whole life. When you bake, limit added sugars. (Added sugars of any kind—whether it’s corn syrup, white sugar, maple syrup or agave—all add calories and don’t offer any nutritional value.) Savor desserts so you really enjoy it without feeling guilty. Bottom line is that maintaining a healthy weight comes down to balancing the amount of calories you eat with the amount you expend during the day.
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